Whole Body Cryotherapy


Whole-body cryotherapy (from Greek word Kryos – Cold and Therapy) is a technique that involves exposure of the body to low temperatures (-110 °C to -190 °C) for the period from 1 to 3 minutes.

Health and beauty

Super-low temperatures are cutting-edge and an efficient way to trigger self-healing mechanisms. Short-time
cooling of the upper skin layer helps to boost metabolic processes, decrease anxiety and fatigue, improve sleep
and stimulate the immune system.

Natural healing

Cryotherapy involves the activation of natural body defences and that is why it is totally safe. The short-time exposure
of the body does not affect the core temperature. Nitrogen, used for cooling in its liquefied form, comprises 3/4 of
atmospheric air, so the sessions are totally friendly to the environment.

Saving time

One session takes no more than three minutes. Cryotherapy addresses multiple issues at the same time, which means that the body starts the healing processes on several levels.


Bathing in the streams of cold air feels more comfortable than cold water, because at super low temperatures, the air contains almost no moisture. As a bonus the cold triggers the production of endorphins, called “feel-good hormones”, which induce feelings of euphoria.


Cryosaunas (also known as cryo-chambers, cryocabins or cryopods) are innovative healthcare & beauty care
equipment for treatment with extreme cold (from -110 °C Celsius to -190 °C). An individual cryocabin comparing to chambers cooled with nitrogen or with air requires less space, consumes less electricity and considerably less nitrogen. All of these factors contribute to a shorter payback period.

The Positive Effects of Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy stimulates the immune system, and initiates regeneration processes in the body. Cryotherapy is commonly
used in modern sports medicine. Cryotherapy also expedites rehabilitation after injuries. In the beauty and cosmetics industry, cryotherapy sessions are used for improving blood circulation, skin rejuvenation, anti-aging therapy, and for removing toxins from the human body.

In the medical field, cryo sessions are helpful in recovering from illness or surgery, treating skin diseases, and improving general well-being. The customer enters the cabin in warm socks and underwear made of natural fabric. The operator lifts the movable floor so that the shoulders of the customer are aligned with the upper area of the cabin. It is then filled with nitrogen vapors and an air mix. The customer takes his hands and starts moving slowly. Due to the fact that water vapors are virtually absent in the air mixture at extremely low temperatures, the session feels comfortable, unlike bathing in cold water. The operator stays near the cabin all the time, monitoring the state of the customer. The session takes one to three minutes.

If necessary, it can be stopped at any moment. The door can also be easily opened from inside. After the session is over, the elevator automatically moves down, and the customer can leave the cabin.

Cryomed Pro™

Cryomed PRO was developed through many years of experience in manufacturing of cryosaunas. A popular model of cryosauna has been improved and equipped with a new features.

The device contains completely new developed CE approved electronic system controlled by touch screen TECO, focusing on reliability and maximum protection of the customer. Cryomed PRO is also equipped with an emergency stop button on the front panel and accident prevention system in the cabin. The latest model also allows connecting to WiFi and gives comfortable access for remote service support in case of any faults.

Cryosauna Cryomed PRO may be comfortable controlled by desktop, smartphone or tablet. Gas supply of new model is constructed in a way, it can either work with the Dewar vessel (non-pressurized 40 liters) or with pressurized vessel with capacity up to 5000 liters.


Cryomed Mini is a compact device for cryochamber therapy. It is the newest generation of equipment, using a cold air system for fast and less painful treatments and beauty. Simple, easy and really quick to install and use.

Cryomed Mini cools clients to extremely cold temperatures for a few minutes. It’s a whole-body cryotherapy method using liquid nitrogen cryo technology.

Due to the smaller size, the price of cryo chamber and its maintenance costs are much lower than for standard cryotherapy equipment. This mini cryosauna can be placed anywhere you need. No wonder: Cryomed Mini’s height is 1.78 m with a footprint of only ​​1 m².

Comfortable and easy logistics. It takes only one pallet to transport Cryomed Mini.

Cryo chamber therapy may be effective in relieving different types of pain, reducing inflammation, improving skin microcirculation, facilitating weight loss, and giving energy and relief.

Today the Mini model has its CE and ISO certificates and meets the most advanced quality and safety standards. We guarantee the same high quality as you get with the Pro models.

Benefits of the Cryomed Mini

  • Small size and weight
  • Easy installation (inside 10 minutes) due to all-in-one unit
  • Easy to move with transportation wheels
  • 4.3“ inches TECO touch screen
  • 3 years warranty for components max. 3000 procedures (what comes first)
  • Remote controlling the device by a desktop, tablet or smartphone (5GHz)Wi-Fi or LAN Connectivity – easy updating of software and optimizing all the featuresActive reporting system – current figures of the device sent directly into an emailOwn Start-Up screen logo
  • Innovative technology of nitrogen dosing with fully automatic treatment temperature leveling
  • RGB LED lighting zone under the cabin
  • High-quality of industrial components and controllers (Teco, Schneider) are the guarantee of long-term lifetime of Cryomed Mini
  • Customizable cryosauna according to customer requirements
  • Suitable to install into the vehicle as a mobile unit
  • The lowest nitrogen consumption
  • Simple and easy preparation steps of the device before procedure


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