What is Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is the process of stimulating the body’s natural healing and recovery systems by applying extreme cold temperatures to either local treatment areas or the whole body. Eliminating pain, reducing inflammation and improving blood flow and circulation are just a few of the many positive benefits.

Who Needs Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is good for anyone who wishes to supercharge the body’s natural ability to heal , repair and recover. Chiropractic patients, professional and amateur athletes, weekend warriors and anyone who wishes to improve their quality of life and increase their health.

Why Cryotherapy?

The use of extreme cold in healing practices are as old as medicine itself.  In more recent times, cryotherapy has been adapted as a means of invoking the body’s own natural abilities to recover, repair and rebuild.  Using extreme cold temperatures over short durations has an effect unlike any other cold therapy or treatment.

Whole Body Cryotherapy

Health and Beauty

Super-low temperatures are cutting-edge and an efficient way to trigger self-healing mechanisms. Short-time
cooling of the upper skin layer helps to boost metabolic processes, decrease anxiety and fatigue, improve sleep
and stimulate the immune system.

Saving Time

One session takes no more than three minutes. Cryotherapy addresses multiple issues at the same time, which means that the body starts the healing processes on several levels.

Natural Healing

Cryotherapy involves the activation of natural body defences and that is why it is totally safe. The short-time exposure
of the body does not affect the core temperature. Nitrogen, used for cooling in its liquefied form, comprises 3/4 of
atmospheric air, so the sessions are totally friendly to the environment.


Bathing in the streams of cold air feels more comfortable than cold water, because at super low temperatures, the air contains almost no moisture. As a bonus the cold triggers the production of endorphins, called “feel-good hormones”, which induce feelings of euphoria.

Local Cryotherapy

Cryomed PRO was developed through many years of experience in manufacturing of cryosaunas. A popular model of cryosauna has been improved and equipped with a new features.
The device contains completely new developed CE approved electronic system controlled by touch screen TECO, focusing on reliability and maximum protection of the customer. Cryomed PRO is also equipped with an emergency stop button on the front panel and accident prevention system in the cabin. The latest model also allows connecting to WiFi and gives comfortable access for remote service support in case of any faults

Local Cryotherapy

The Cryo-T Elephant is new type of device for local cryotherapy and cryostimulation that works on liquid nitrogen (LN2). Innovative construction developed by our engineers gives possibilities of performing safer and more effective procedures. We have invented a new way of low temperature production.
It is vaporized heating of liquid nitrogen (without heater) that increases the efficiency of our devices by 40% more than our competitors. Cryo-T Elephant is a one of a kind nitrogen device with a sensor placed inside the application nozzle for remote measurement of patient’s skin temperature during treatment.

SolaJet Drywave Massage

Give your clients, customers or patients the most transcendent massage of their lives…time after time!


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