The Cryo EMS is the most up to date and versatile Cryotherapy Equipment on the market.

Designed as a multi-function local Cryotherapy device uniquely designed to provide Cryolipolysis along with Electric Muscle Stimulation, LED Therapy and Cryotherapy rejuvenation treatments to your customers.

The Cryo EMS integrates Cryolipolysis and Electric Muscle Stimulation in each of the plates which work in tandem in each hand piece to slim and tone the treatment areas while local Cryotherapy can be applied to other treatment areas on the body with the facial and body handles.

Time and Electric sensitivity can be set on the 15″ touchscreen display. Once the handles are applied to the treatment area and the settings input, the treatment continues without an attendant or can be supplemented with local treatments.

The treatment is gentle and pain-free. The procedure is not labor intensive. Attaching and detaching the elements only takes a few minutes.Your customer can relax and you or your employee are free to attend to other business.

cryoems cryolipolysis


  • Subcutaneous Fat Cells Freeze
  • Fat Cells Drain When Using Low Temperatures
  • White Fat Cells are Converted Into Brown 
  • No Suction Cups Required
  • Works with Temperatures Between 0 °C and 2 °


  • Muscles are Stimulated to Contract
  • Blood Circulation is Boosted
  • Lymph Flow Increases
  • Muscle Compression is Stimulated in a Positive Manner
  • Muscles Energy Consumption is Increased

Cryo Facelift

  • Tissue Firming
  • Wrinkle Reduction
  • Double Chin Reduction
  • Premature Aging Treatment
  • Erythrosis Rosacea Treatment
  • Pore Shrinking


  • LED Light in the 400 nm Range
  • Improves the Skin’s Appearance
cryoems cryolipolysis
cryoems cryolipolysis
cryoems cryolipolysis
cryoems cryolipolysis


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